60 Second Secret Weight Loss Miracle!
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  •       Helps stop emotional eating and bingeing in seconds!
  •      Breaks the behavioral cycle of sweet cravings and snacking
  •      Suppresses Appetite so you wn't feel hungry! 
  •      Requires no willpower! 
When you can't taste Sweets, It's easy to say "NO" to Fattening Sugar!
Hi, my name is Drew Avery
and as a researcher with over 19 years experience in the field of nutrition and exercise, I understand how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off.

What I uncovered about the real reason so many of us are struggling with our weight is upsetting if not downright criminal.

And how our very first love may have contributed to this insidious fact.
Did you know that for almost 40 years, greedy corporations have not only consciously created foods that contribute to weight gain, but actually include an additive that causes us to become so addicted to their products, we can’t say no to eating them.

Being overweight really isn’t your fault, and later in this report you’ll see that there is something brand new that makes it easy to lose weight without depending willpower, without starvation, and without worry… and it works in 60 Seconds! *
First, allow me to give you a little background that reveals why almost every diet that you and I ever tried didn’t work.

It’s the reason you’ve had a lifelong struggle with your weight.

Do you remember your first love? No I’m not talking about your teen crush…I’m talking about the first time your mom gave you a sugary sip of juice. You Loved It.

Then it was lollipops, ice-cream, licking the mixing beaters when she made frosting for cake…
We couldn’t get enough, If you’re anything like me, growing up I loved candy, pie, soda, kool-aide, cake, cupcakes and donuts.
I poured enough sugar on my cereal that there would be a sweet slurry at the bottom of the bowl. And the truth is… we all loved it. Yes?

But this love affair with sugar has caused us, as a nation, to be the heaviest on record. Your powerful craving for all things sweet is the real reason you struggle so hard to lose weight. The scary thing is that today, it’s not just the sugar we know about that’s giving us those love handles… SUGAR IS IN EVERYTHING!
A Government Study in July of 1976 decided that the fat in our foods was the cause of our growing waistlines and health issues.

There was a major push to get everyone to cut back on fat.

Seemed logical – cut out fat and we
would all get thinner, right? The food industry saw the low-fat, edict as an opportunity to create a whole new range of products.

Fat-free frozen yogurt, fat-free muffins and cookies — the formula was: Take out the fat and people will buy it.

By the early '90s, products with little or no fat were flying off the shelves.
Ironically eating ‘low-fat’ didn’t make us lose weight... It often had the opposite effect!
When manufacturers remove fat, they add another more fattening ingredient to make it taste better. Yes that’s right…SUGAR!

Not just a little sugar either – Sugar has been added in terrifying quantities.

Ready-made pasta sauce has on average six teaspoons of sugar.

Fat free chocolate milk has 14 teaspoons of sugar!

Did you know that ketchup has as much sugar in it as cake frosting?
Don't Believe Me? - Check This Out
As crazy as this sounds...in my recent investigation of the fast food industry, I uncovered that some restaurants are selling drinks that have between 35 and 70 teaspoons of sugar!  

These numbers are taken directly from the Nutritional Menus of these popular restaurants. 

STOP FOR A MOMENT…Think about it… can you imagine eating 70 teaspoons of sugar? YIKES! It’s no wonder our bellies are getting bigger!
And This Represents Just a Small Fraction of the Thousands of High Sugar Foods We're Eating Everyday!
Outrageous amounts of sugar is also hidden in bread, breakfast cereals, canned fruit, pizza - and the list goes on and on. The problem is, too often we’re not even aware we're eating all this excess sugar and guess what… We have become addicted to it!
You don’t have to have a PhD to know that eating too much, candy, ice cream, cake and donuts is no way to lose weight, right? But nearly all the food we eat everyday, makes us crave sugar to the point where no amount of willpower can resist its sweet, tempting call.
And the sad truth is… we secretly love it!

Besides making us gain weight, too much sugar also leads to increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and liver disease.

A Lifetime of Over Sugar Consumption 
Could Actually Be Life Threatening!

We Know We Should End it!
Yet, in good times we celebrate with a big slice of cake with icing… 

And in bad times we comfort ourselves bingeing on sweets.

Let’s face it. 

Our relationship with sugar is like a toxic love affair. 
But as the song says…
"Breaking Up is Hard to Do".
And here’s a scary fact.

Studies have shown that brain patterns when we eat sugar are very similar to the brain scans of people who are addicted to drugs.

If you’re anything like I was, struggling desperately with weight… there is now scientific proof it isn’t our fault!
We’re hooked!
This is why it’s almost impossible for us to just “Say No” when a treat is offered to us.
We need help.
But, is the situation hopeless?
Are we really doomed?
That’s what’s so exciting about what I’m about to share with you.
There is a way to “have your cake and eat it too”.
A way to control your sweet tooth and still remain friends with sugar without a nasty divorce... and it Works in Just 60 Seconds!
She Used The "60 Second Secret" to
Control Her Sweet Tooth!.
How a Health Investigator Became 
"The Sugar Tamer"
The discovery of the 60 Second Weight Loss Secret began over 19 years ago. 

As a Health Investigator, I always was hoping to find a way to break the addictive hold sugar has on all of us.

I knew it could open the door to easy weight loss and better health.
I know what you’re thinking… “Drew, I’ve tried to stay away from sweets… It’s impossible. Especially when everyone else is having a sugary dessert or it’s a special occasion, or worse yet, the holidays.”
Trust me. I’ve been there myself.

My sweet tooth used to win out and I’d kick myself for being weak.

We all know that giving in to fattening sweets will ruin your diet every time!

As you can see from my picture, 
I was not in great shape and wanted to make a change.

Then, in 1996, I entered a 90 day body transformation contest…
And I knew one of the hardest parts of my daily routine would be staying away from sugar cravings.

Maybe it was the promise of the $50,000 prize money, or the new Corvette, but I forced myself to stay away from tempting sweets for the entire 3 months.
Once I got away from sugar, the fat melted away and for the first time in my life I was finally seeing results at the gym. In just 90 days the look of my body changed dramatically.
I won the contest! Got the Corvette, the cash and a 5-year spokesman contract!
My story was featured in fitness magazines and on television programs.
I Began to be Recognized by Celebrities, Athletes and TV Stars
Winning the contest was one of the toughest things I’d ever faced. It sure would have been a whole lot easier with what I’m about to share with you.

Up until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to overcome the “industry created super sweet tooth” that had taken control of nearly everyone’s sugar cravings.

But read on and you’ll see that this has all changed with the exciting discovery below.
I went on a quest to find out everything I could about sugar and how to beat it so we could all lose weight and stay healthy.

In my research, I stumbled across two obscure clinical studies mentioning a little known sweet suppressing herb.

This herb, known as Adigam, was said to have properties that stop sugar cravings and curb appetite. The herb leaf is placed on the tongue to temporarily eliminate the sensation of sweets and also decrease hunger.

I wondered if you couldn’t taste sugar… perhaps the temptation for it would be easy to control.

I immediately contacted a highly respected Herbal Formulator and together we located a grower of top quality Adigam leaves.

– I knew no one wanted to chew on leaves… me included, so we began the process of creating an easy to use delivery system.

Finally, after 37 different formulations, we found a way to put this miraculous herb in a minty, quick dissolving tablet that really works! In just 60 seconds it suppresses your desire for sugar so you can finally stay in control, lose the weight and never cave into cravings again! *
The 60 Second Weight Loss Solution!
Sweet Nothings is the Answer!
Sweet Nothings is the perfect answer to losing weight by controlling your secret toxic love affair with sugar!

And I promise, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It takes just 60 seconds to dissolve on your tongue, and like magic, your sweet tooth has been switched off for up to an hour!

– Long enough to get past that nagging craving cycle so can stay away for all those fattening empty calories! Finally you are in control.

You can say “NO” to any sweet temptation… Helping you lose all the weight you want! *

How Sweet Nothings Works
When you experience a powerful craving, you simply dissolve a minty Sweet Nothings tablet on your tongue.

When you do this, the Adigam herb instantly binds to the sugar receptors on your tongue so you are unable to taste sweets for about an hour – long enough for the craving wave to pass.

Sweet Nothings suspends your desire in less than 60 seconds flat because, unlike pills and powders, the fast dissolving tablet works on the sweet receptors on your tongue!
Too Good 
to Be True?
Watch our Mall Taste Test!
Sweet Nothings is Safe!
And unlike other products you may have tried in the past… Sweet Nothings has absolutely no side effects! That’s right, no jitters, no worries, no kidding!
You'll Lose Weight Without 
Feeling Hungry or Deprived
In a double blind scientific trial, subjects reported that the active ingredient in Sweet Nothings significantly decreased the sweetness of food. As a result, test subjects naturally ate 22% fewer calories than the placebo group in a meal immediately after using the product. Imagine if you naturally ate 22% fewer calories and STILL felt full and satisfied? If you ate 2500 calories per day, this would save you 550 calories every day. You would naturally drop over a pound a week without trying to diet or having to increase exercise. *
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In this valuable book I will give you delicious, nutritious, breakfast, lunch and dinner suggestions that you’ll love without all the fattening hidden sugars.

You’ll never feel hungry or deprived as you watch the pounds effortlessly melt away!
  • Learn the easy way to eat less sugar
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Even though you’ll be losing weight simply by using Sweet Nothings to stay away from too many sweets…

Studies have shown that when you eat less sugar you feel better and more energetic.

That’s why I’m also including my “Sweet Nothings No Sweat Exercise Program” to channel this energy towards a more youthful, brand new you!
  • Easy to follow fat burning exercises
  • Only takes a few minutes to get great results
  • Strengthen and re-energize your body
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These are my best, most effective, fat burning exercises to make sure you see results fast!
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Best of all, you don't need to pay for an expensive gym membership or personal trainer.

All the exercises are amazingly simple and easy and can be done in the comfort of your home.
Now You Really Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!
With Sweet Nothings, I’m not saying you have to get a restraining order to keep sugar away.

Go ahead. It’s OK to get together now and then.

Enjoy a treat at a party or with your family.… then dissolve a Sweet Nothings tablet on your tongue and you won’t be tempted to “have just one more” – You’ll never have to worry about going on an “out of control binge” ever again.

Sweet Nothings allows you to break-up with your sweet toxic lover and still remain friends.

Losing weight this brand new way has never been easier. *
Many are calling Sweet Nothings a “Dieters dream come true” because of its ability to break the chain of sugar addiction that causes you to fail every diet you try.

When you can confidently face sugary treats and know you won’t be tempted to binge… what a real difference it can make to your weight loss success!

And if your currently on a diet… it will help you stick with your plan!
Sweet Nothings doesn’t depend on costly diet pills that give you the jitters, no expensive “six month program”, no high priced meal replacements, no starvation or strenuous workouts.

Sweet Nothings is not based on willpower and it’s not going “Cold Turkey” either.

This discovery of a way to finally tame the sugar monster 
got some people calling me the “Sugar Tamer”… 
and I decided instead of fighting it, I’d go with it.
Health Investigator 
AKA "The Sugar Tamer"

“For the first time, I could enjoy my family gatherings without worrying that I would overeat sweets”

Cathy W.

“I always blamed myself for giving in to temptation. In 60 seconds, Sweet Nothings took away the cravings and helped me lose weight.”

Rebecca C.

“Being able to have one treat and 60 seconds later say “no” to eating another has been great!”

MaryJo S.

“I lost weight because Sweet Nothings let me keep away from sweets. Sweet Nothings worked great for me!” 

Carmen D.

“I knew snacking all day was making me gain weight, but I would do it anyway. I tried Sweet Nothings and I am amazed that I don’t feel the need to eat all the time. Cravings are gone and I am not hungry between meals – Highly recommend Sweet Nothings!”

Michelle B.

“If you’ve got a sweet tooth – Try Sweet Nothings... It really works!”

Bonnie C.

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Sweet Nothings will keep you from “falling off the wagon” and wreck your efforts to lose weight.

And once you have control, the pounds will begin to melt away
You’ll have more energy.

You’ll look better in clothes. You’ll have a newfound confidence knowing you are on your way to a slim, trim, healthier future.

Unlike so many other pills or supplements you may have taken, you won’t have to 
“wonder if” Sweet Nothings is working. You’ll know without a doubt that it has done its job in 60 seconds, guaranteed.

There is nothing like Sweet Nothings. *
It gets even better… Clinical studies have shown that the Adigam herb is also a highly effective appetite suppressant.

For several hours after using Sweet Nothings, you won’t feel hungry! You’ll find it’s easy to stay away from constant snacking and those empty calories.
You’ll be amazed as the unhealthy fat on your belly and hips starts to disappear without strenuous exercise or starvation diets. *
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Imagine Never Having to Rely on Willpower Ever Again!
That’s what is so exciting Sweet Nothings.

It doesn’t give a “rats patootie” about willpower.

Sweet Nothings gives you 
“won’t power”.

It is a life altering way to easily say “no to sweets”, and it does it in just 60 seconds! Think about it…  
In just 60 seconds, you won’t be tempted by your sweet tooth!

In just 60 seconds Sweet Nothings can turn off your cravings and help you finally “lick” the sugar habit!

In just 60 seconds, you will finally be in control of your sugar intake!

What a life changer! With Sweet Nothings, you can enjoy the power that comes from taking charge of your sweet tooth. Avoid sugar spikes by allowing Sweet Nothings to work its magic when you’re tempted by sweets.

The effects of Sweet Nothings last about an hour and its appetite suppressing benefit may last a lot longer. This is why Sweet Nothings has been so affective in reducing overall calorie intake.

It can make it easy to lose those excess pounds and that unattractive belly fat we all so desperately want to shed. *
OK. If you live far from civilization without a TV, no internet and no mail service…

if there isn’t a fast food restaurant within 100 miles...

you may be the one in a million that finds it easy to ignore the constant barrage of advertising and temptations for unhealthy, sugary treats the rest of us face everyday.

But, for everyone else, the giant corporations and junk food/snack/soda industries have done a very thorough job of causing us to crave excess sugar. 

When you realize that it’s not your fault.

You’re not weak.

No one can depend on willpower alone… 

And that without some help, you’re going to give in to temptation, eat those sugary treats, feel guilty and gain weight. 

It’s the perfect time to put Sweet Nothings to the test.

All you do is to keep a few Sweet Nothings tablets with you throughout the day. When the first craving for a donut hits you in the morning … Dissolve a tablet on your tongue and you’re in control

During the day when you would normally snack on a candy bar or some other sugary treat… Just pop a minty Sweet Nothings tablet and say "no" those empty calories.

Later on at night when you’re watching TV… Don’t give in to the temptation to mindlessly munch. Dissolve a Sweet Nothings tablet on your tongue and avoid the sugar that is piling on the pounds.

You’ll be amazed that one tiny, minty tasting tablet can be the secret to switching off your sweet tooth and boost you toward your weight loss goals.

No more guilt from sneaking sweets… No more disappointment when you see the scale creeping up and up. No more relying on willpower that is too easily overcome.

Sweet Nothings finally gives you “won’t power”
You won’t be tempted… you won’t feel hungry and you won’t gain weight! *
there's nothing like sweet nothings
How many times have you lost some weight on a diet only to give in to sweet cravings and gain back more weight than before?

How much money have you spent on diets, pills, fitness machines and programs that didn’t live up to their promises?
That’s what makes Sweet Nothings like nothing you’ve ever tried before. You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sweet Nothings works as promised in just 60 seconds or your money back.
With Sweet Nothings 100% ability to stop cravings and curb appetite in just 60 seconds, many dieters say it's worth its weight in gold!
7 Day Low Sugar Meal Plan
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• Get fit and get healthy with great tasting meals 
   and snacks!
• Have more energy and feel vibrant!
• Nutrition never tasted so good!
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Sweet Nothings Will Work For You!
Why are we so confident that it will work for you? Because Sweet Nothings has worked for 100% of the people who try it! That’s right… EVERYONE. And unlike ANY diet pills you may have tried in the past… there are no side effects whatsoever from the natural formula in Sweet Nothings.
Zero, nada, zilch! 
Another major benefit you’ll discover is that Sweet Nothings also suppresses appetite. So, not only will you be saying no to sweets, but you won’t be as hungry for snacks… the perfect combination to help you lose unwanted pounds and inches! * 

With your new slim body, you’ll be able to shop for trendy clothes and know they’ll look great on you. 

Feel confident in a bathing suit even if you haven’t had one on in years! 
Get compliments from friends and family as you finally shed those extra pounds that have been so hard to lose in the past.

Sweet Nothings Will 
Work For You in Just 
60 Seconds 
or Your Money Back!

Sweet Nothings has a 100%,
 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
 But, it won’t take you 60 days 
to know if Sweet Nothings works...
it won’t take you 60  minutes...
in fact, if you’re not convinced in just
60 seconds that Sweet Nothings has 
turned off your sweet tooth…   
we will gladly refund the purchase  price! 
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What is Sweet Nothings?
Sweet Nothings is the first and only weight control product developed to quickly stop nagging sugar cravings. 
Sweet Nothings fast acting formula helps reduce or eliminate even the strongest desire for temping sweet foods 
in just 60 seconds...guaranteed or your money back!
In independent scientific studies, Sweet Nothings was shown to:
  • Reduce desire for sweet foods
  • Reduce overall appetite
  • Reduce calorie consumption
Plus, Sweet Nothings has been shown to be very effective in:
  • Stopping bingeing before it starts
  • Controlling emotional eating
  • Breaking addiction to sugar
  • AND... Promoting weight loss
How does Sweet Nothings work?
When you’re hungry and experience a powerful craving for sweets, you don’t have time to wait for traditional appetite suppressants to kick in. With Sweet Nothings there’s no waiting for the product to work. When a craving hits, you simply dissolve one tablet across the surface of your tongue for 60 seconds and you will get relief from those nagging cravings!

Take the Sweet Nothings Test and see for yourself!
Is Sweet Nothings safe?
The active ingredients in Sweet Nothings have all been proven to be safe and has been given the FDA’s “GRAS” (Generally Recognized As Safe) status.
How should I use Sweet Nothings?
Whenever a craving or urge to binge hits you just put one Sweet Nothings tablet in your mouth and dissolve it on the surface of your tongue. This takes about 60 seconds... Then  try ANY sweet food. You will be amazed how Sweet Nothings  stops your desire for sweets almost instantly.

It’s fast acting formula is specifically designed to immediately stop cravings and emotional eating before it leads to overeating or making poor food choices. It’s like getting “instant willpower”.

If you’re struggling to lose weight because you’re always turning to comfort foods to feel better, Sweet Nothings can work for you. Those who take Sweet Nothings to control cravings, eat a proper diet and include some moderate exercise report experiencing a noticeable reduction in weight.
Have the benefits of Sweet Nothings been proven?
Sweet Nothings trails demonstrated that 100% of the subjects experienced a significant, noticeable reduction in their desire for foods containing sugar after trying Sweet Nothings for 60 seconds. Furthermore, independent scientific studies of the active ingredient in Sweet Nothings where shown to
  • Reduce desire for sweet foods
  • Reduce overall appetite
  • Reduce calorie consumption
The end result was that study participants not only had less desire for sweet foods, but their appetite for all foods was reduced, thus supporting weight loss. Plus, Sweet Nothings has been shown to be very effective in:
  • Stopping bingeing before it starts
  • Controlling emotional eating
  • Breaking addiction to sugar
  • AND... Promoting weight loss
Will Sweet Nothings help me lose weight?
Independent scientific studies of the active ingredient in Sweet Nothings has been shown to reduce the caloric intake of study participants. Those who have tried Sweet Nothings, have reported noticeable weight loss and a renewed sense of control over their cravings for sweet foods.
How long do the effects of Sweet Nothings last?
That really depends on each person. Our research shows that people feel the effects for approximately 30 minutes up to one hour. Because cravings tend to last about 15 minutes, Sweet Nothings is perfect for getting you “over the hump” until your cravings or emotional eating urges pass.
Is there any limit to the number of tablets I can take in a day?
No. Because Sweet Nothings is completely safe, you can take as many tablets as you need to deal with your cravings.
Can I use Sweet Nothings along with any other diet program?
Absolutely! The Sweet Nothings complements any diet program on the market.
Should I consult with my physician if I’m pregnant?
Even though the Sweet Nothings is completely safe, there are several things to consider when you are pregnant. First, certain cravings may mean that you need a particular nutrient or more calories for the developing fetus. We have no  studies on pregnant women that can tell us how Sweet Nothings could affect the fetus. We feel it is appropriate to consult with your doctor before trying this product.
I have diabetes, is Sweet Nothings safe to use?
Yes. The thing you need to consider as a diabetic when using Sweet Nothings it that it will reduce the amount of food you normally eat. While that is a good thing, eating fewer calories could reduce or alter the amount of insulin that you need. So if you are eating less food (especially sweet foods), and you suffer from diabetes, we recommend you consult with your physician about checking your blood sugar levels more often.
What is the Guarantee and Return Policy?
Sweet Nothings comes with a NO RISK “60 Day” Guarantee... here’s how it works:

60 SECOND GUARANTEE - We Guarantee Sweet Nothings will reduce your desire for fattening sweet foods in 60 seconds or your money back. 60 Day GUARANTEE - PLUS, we’ll give you 60 days (2 full months) to experience for yourself how Sweet Nothings will help you lose weight more easily by giving you back control over your constant temptation for sweets... if you’re not 100% satisfied after two months... send it back for a full refund.

That’s how confident we are that Sweet Nothings works!

Products will be shipped in 3-7 business days. Every product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. 
Customer Support: SweetNothingsTablets@gmail.com - (866) 264-3100 
Return product to: 6608 E. Waterton Ave. Orange, CA 92867

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